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The University of Pennsylvania


 An international leader at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy research

The Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania is an international leader in cancer immunotherapy research, forging the way with key advances and discoveries that continue to drive progress. Every day, Penn’s award-winning doctors and scientists are hard at work, coming up with new ways to use the immune system to fight cancer. The Parker Institute at Penn extends this work and supports laboratory studies and clinical trials, recruitment of talented new faculty and provides support for early-career investigators who will train at Penn.

Research Focuses

Best in Class T-Cells

Advance the next generation of T-cell therapies to provide targeted, safe, long-lasting treatments that can conquer cancer.

Checkpoint Blockade Response

Uncover the reasons why some patients respond to immunotherapy while others may not, in order to overcome cancer drug resistance.

Tumor Antigen Discovery

Pinpoint novel cancer cell markers that will become the foundation for new therapies and personalized treatments.

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