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Stanford Medicine


A nationally recognized leader in transforming cancer immunotherapy research and treatment

Stanford Medicine has a history in cancer immunotherapy that began in the 1980s – from researching personalized anticancer antibodies to treating children with leukemia with T-cells. Stanford scientists have also developed a host of new tools that are essential to the development of new immunotherapy treatments and enhance research being done through the Parker Institute. These tools help in better understanding T-cells, give scientists a new way to look at the immune system through single cell analysis and enable the mapping of regulatory DNA.

Research Focuses

Best in Class T-Cells

Advance the next generation of T-cell therapies to provide targeted, safe, long-lasting treatments that can conquer cancer.

Tumor Antigen Discovery

Pinpoint novel cancer cell markers that will become the foundation for new therapies and personalized treatments.

Tumor Microenvironment

Discover how tumor masses impair immune cells to jumpstart the creation of therapies to fight back against hard-to-treat solid tumors.

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