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University of California, Los Angeles


A national leader developing life-saving cancer immunotherapy treatments

The T-cell – the all-powerful immune system player – is at the heart of groundbreaking research at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Investigators from a variety of disciplines, notably oncology, immunology and virology, are studying ways to turn these white blood cells into medical weapons that can attack some forms of cancer. With support from the Parker Institute, these researchers are working on several projects that empower the T-cells to fight cancer with the goal of turning on the immune system cells that kill cancer cells.

Research Focuses

Best in Class T-Cells

Advance the next generation of T-cell therapies to provide targeted, safe, long-lasting treatments that can conquer cancer.

Checkpoint Blockade Response

Uncover the reasons why some patients respond to immunotherapy while others may not, in order to overcome cancer drug resistance.

Tumor Antigen Discovery

Pinpoint novel cancer cell markers that will become the foundation for new therapies and personalized treatments.

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