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University of California, San Francisco


A premier cancer center revolutionizing research in cancer immunotherapy

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) holds a unique place in the history of cancer immunotherapy. UCSF researchers and physicians continue to work at the forefront of the field to bring the benefits of immunotherapy to as many cancer patients as possible. And UCSF Parker Institute researchers are continuing to build on the university’s deep scientific expertise to advance research in T-cell therapies, CRISPR technology and precision treatments.

Research Focuses

Best in Class T-Cells

Advance the next generation of T-cell therapies to provide targeted, safe, long-lasting treatments that can conquer cancer.

Checkpoint Blockade Response

Uncover the reasons why some patients respond to immunotherapy while others may not, in order to overcome cancer drug resistance.

Tumor Microenvironment

Discover how tumor masses impair immune cells to jumpstart the creation of therapies to fight back against hard-to-treat solid tumors.

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