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Our Model

Our mission is to accelerate the development of breakthrough immune therapies to turn cancer into a curable disease.

We bring together the world’s brightest minds to push the boundaries in cancer immunotherapy research

At the Parker Institute, we imagine a world where cancer is curable. We are making this a reality by transforming the way research is done. We bring together the top minds in cancer immunotherapy. We fund the boldest ideas that will lead to breakthrough discoveries. And we give our researchers the most innovative tools and resources to fuel their discoveries. To sum it up, we are hacking cancer so more patients can live cancer-free.

Our Approach

We fuel discoveries with innovative services, tools and resources

Strategic Partnerships

Partner with key pharma and biotech companies and tech providers to speed discoveries

Data Sharing and Collaboration Platform

Build upon each other’s work to do the best science


Create new computing tools that help scientists gather, store and analyze data

IP Development and Licensing

Provide in-house IP expertise to capitalize on new discoveries

Shared Research Tools and Infrastructure

Provide leading tools and technologies to fuel major research advances

Clinical Trials Management

Enable our scientists to design and lead multi-site trials faster and more efficiently

Technology Development

Partner with key industry players to create cutting-edge tools and technology

Our Community

We collaborate like never before with the top minds in academia, nonprofit, biotech, pharma and others


Nation’s Top Researchers




 Industry and Nonprofit Partners

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