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Our Partners

We’re working together to get much needed treatments to patients faster

The Parker Institute brings together top researchers to tackle big, bold ideas that can make the greatest impact in cancer immunotherapy research. When one of our researchers has an innovative idea, our goal is to make it a reality. But we can’t do it alone.

We look to industry and nonprofit organizations to help us elevate every research project and clinical trial by providing access to products, experimental drugs and targets, samples and data. Working together gives us all an advantage to achieve more than we could on our own and get much needed treatments to patients faster.

Interested in Partnering?

Contact Jeroen Blokhuis,
Director of Business Development

At the Hub of Cancer Immunotherapy

We bridge the gap between academia and industry, and offer a unique combination of expertise, resources and capabilities to explore high-risk, high-reward ideas.

Clinical Development

  • Sponsor, manage and run clinical trials
  • Explore treatment combinations to understand what’s working and what’s not
  • Gain insight into how a company’s product works in different settings to drive clinical breakthroughs

Tools and Technologies

  • Give innovative technologies and tools to researchers to explore and test new techniques
  • Identify areas that have the most potential to transform the field
  • Focus our efforts to make progress most efficiently


  • Collect and analyze huge amounts of data in immuno-oncology
  • Manage data integration across our network
  • Develop tools and support members’ data analysis efforts to improve patient responses

Intellectual Property

  • Keep a pulse on discoveries and inventions from our 170+ members before they are public
  • Promote collaboration in developing and licensing IP across our network
  • Work with tech transfer professionals to ensure the most promising discoveries are developed

Partnerships at Work

We work with a variety of industry and nonprofit partners in different ways to support our researchers and drive innovation. We look forward to collaborating with more industry partners to help us elevate every research project and clinical trial.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Conduct innovative clinical trials using novel combinations

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Test T-cell imaging agent in clinical trials

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Better understand the microbiome’s effect on cancer immunotherapy

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Unlocking the full potential of next-generation precision cancer immunotherapy requires the kind of coordination, resources and logistical support that the Parker Institute and the Cancer Research Institute can offer our research partners. Collaboration with industry leaders like Bristol-Myers Squibb will be essential to hastening the development of new cancer immunotherapies.

Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, PhD, CEO and Director of Scientific Affairs at the Cancer Research Institute

The Parker Institute is driving innovation in the field of cancer immunotherapy by bringing together the best immunologists, cancer research institutes and industry partners globally. We feel a strong sense of alignment in terms of our vision and ultimate goals. As a partner of the Parker Institute and a member of the Institute-led consortium, we are committed to a range of exciting collaborative projects, working towards our shared vision of a world without untreatable cancers.

Andrew Khoo, Co-founder and CEO of Tessa Therapeutics

Bristol-Myers Squibb is initiating this unique collaboration with a goal of accelerating the identification and development of new treatment options for patients who are facing very serious disease. We are excited to partner with the Parker Institute and the Cancer Research Institute to leverage the unique translational capabilities of their networks and explore novel mechanisms of action in the field of I-O.

Fouad Namouni, MD, Head of Oncology Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb

MD Anderson, and in particular Dr. Wargo’s laboratory, is leading the charge to better understand the microbiome and the response to immune checkpoint inhibitors. We look forward to combining our insights and capabilities with both MD Anderson and the Parker Institute to advance microbiome therapies to augment Immunotherapy in cancer patients toward the clinic, with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for patients facing life-threatening tumors with significant unmet medical need.

Roger J. Pomerantz, MD, President, CEO and Chairman of Seres Therapeutics

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